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ERS understands the difficulties and struggles that you might have when searching for a new role, especially if you have decided to leave the armed forces. You may have questions like:


  • Where do I go from here? 

  • What jobs am I suited to?

  • Who do I talk to for the best advice?

  • Are some of the questions I’m sure you will be asking yourself.


Well first things first, there are a number of dedicated organisations out there like the CTP (Career Transition Partnership who will support you in various ways with your resettlement and we do recommend you talking to them in the first instance.  They can you give you vital support with ongoing training and how to utilise your advanced training credits.


What ERS can offer in relation to support, is an introduction to various companies and industries that are looking for highly skilled Engineering and Ex-Military personnel that have the mind set of hard work, loyalty, outstanding work ethics and are skilled and trained to a high level within their field.

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