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Ex Military Jobs

Ex Military? Get Help Finding Ex Military Jobs that Use Your Expertise

When you are ex military, it can be hard to find a job that uses your unique skill set. Often, it’s because you don’t know what jobs you’re suited for. You may need additional training. Plus, your CV may not translate to the civilian world. At Engineering Recruitment Solutions, we’re here to provide you with the help that you need to locate a quality job.


Ex military jobs may not always be easy to find because people are intimidated by your resume. Additionally, if your resume isn’t created properly, people may not understand the skill set that you actually have. This is when it can be highly beneficial to work with a recruiter.


We have a significant amount of experience working with ex military. We have placed highly-skilled engineers from a variety of backgrounds into contract, temporary, and permanent placements all around the UK.


Our recruiters take the time to understand your background and the type of position you are searching for. We can develop your CV so that it is stronger. Additionally, we can recommend various training programs and apprenticeships to strengthen your CV even further.


Once your CV is where it needs to be, we can help you to find a variety of ex-military jobs. We work with a variety of employers, making it easy to find positions quickly. In many instances, we can help you connect with an employer in under a week. This fills their position while providing you with solid employment.


All it takes is contacting us so that we can review your CV and talk to you about the various opportunities that are currently available. The engineering industry can be served in a variety of sectors, and your CV may be exactly what an employer is looking for.

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