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Why We Choose Ex-Forces and Why You Should!

We have built up our business by supporting our service members and veterans. A huge advantage of employing armed forces is undoubtedly, their transferable skills. Engineers who are trained in the Forces are taught to the highest standard and are trained under various types of environments whether this be whilst touring or training from the many different locations that the Corps of Royal Engineers operates from.

Army Engineers possess many highly regarded skills which would certainly aid them to become successful in YOUR company:

  • Due to the nature of their training, Armed Force engineers can complete their tasks under copious amounts of Pressure

  • It is not unknown that in the armed forces, it is important to trust those around you and those around you must trust you, making all who have served highly Dependable people.

  • Our service members have been put in several situations in which they have to make quick decisions and it had to be the right decision, this is why our service members make excellent Decision Makers

  • Building relationships around them, ensuring individuals trust them, delegating roles and, trusting those that do said roles, organising themselves and those around them are just some of the tasks that our armed force members experience during their time in the forces, this is why they make excellent Leaders

These are just some of the skills that our service members possess. Each of these skills are essential to ensure success when undertaking a role. The British Armed Forces offers a wide range of roles and courses to their engineers which require no extra training if you were to employ them:

  • Vehicle Mechanic (with all relevant licenses to drive these vehicles)

  • General Fitter/ Air Conditioning Fitter

  • Electrician

  • Power Engineer

  • Aircraft/Avionics Technician

  • Fabricators and Metalsmiths

  • Plumber

  • Plant Technician

Further to this the MOD offer Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC). This is a scheme in which service members are provided with financial support to further their education or qualification from Level 3 and above. This means that our service members will always have opportunities and support to further their qualifications resulting in your company receiving a well-qualified individual without having the costs of training them like you would an apprentice

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