Engineering Recruitment

Hire the Right Personnel with Engineering Recruitment

It can be overwhelming to hire individuals for your engineering firm. With the help of engineering recruitment from Engineering Recruitment Solutions, you can learn more about your options – and get the right person into the position right away.


It’s a time-consuming process to hire people. You need to list the openings, read through resumes, conduct interviews, and hire someone. Depending on the quality of resumes that you get and how much time you have to dedicate to the process, it can take weeks to fill the position.

By working with engineering agencies that specialise in recruitment, the time that it takes to find qualified candidates is drastically reduced. We often have a pile of resumes of qualified engineers that we can send your way. Once you find out about a position, you can often have that position filled within a week’s time with our help.

It’s all about finding the right person. This goes both ways. You want to make sure they have the skillset and mindset to work within your organisation. You also want to make sure they are happy with the culture so that they stay year after year.

By finding a qualified individual instead of a warm body to fill the position, you make sure that there is reduced training time. They can hit the ground running, allowing you to meet deadlines and work within the restraints of the different contracts that you have.


As one of the top engineering agencies, we have a solid reputation behind us. We work with a number of ex-Armed Forces engineers, ensuring that they are able to adapt to any environment. Additionally, we cover temporary, permanent, and contract placements around the UK.

When you need help with engineering recruitment, you can contact us knowing that we are capable of helping you hire positions quickly.