Engineering Jobs

Find Engineering Jobs with Professional Help

When you are searching for engineering jobs in Tamworth, UK, it can be an overwhelming process. By working with a professional recruiter, you can get the help that you need.


At Engineering Recruitment Solutions, we will work with you to help you find the contract engineering jobs that you qualify for. We have a reputation for working with job seekers in the marketplace. Whether you are ex Special Forces or simply have the engineering skills to get the job done, we’re capable of working with you.


We have worked with a number of top employers to provide recruitment solutions. It allows you to tweak your resume in order to stand out more effectively to them. Rather than sending your resume and have it get lost in the shuffle, we can work to find you the right fit based on your skillset.


One of the most common struggles that we hear is that people have no idea what jobs they are suited to do. If you’re not sure what job you’re capable of doing, one of our recruiters can sit down to discuss the options with you.


We can review your resume, provide you with advice, and ask some important questions. From there, we can work to match you with a position that is open. Additionally, we can provide you with support and recommend training that can help you to get the better jobs on the market.


Particularly if you have left the armed forces and don’t know where to go, contact us. We will work with you to overcome the struggles and help you to find a career that you can thrive in. The employers we work with are always looking to find individuals with outstanding work ethics and competent skills, so let us see your CV today.