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ERS is a vibrant, forward-thinking, committed recruitment company that takes great pride and responsibility on maintaining our core values of being an honest and trustworthy business. We believe that no job is the same, whether they share the same job title or not, we are constantly adapting to both our client and candidates needs, offering bespoke recruitment support, career advice and a friendly service.

We know how important employees are for successful business growth, which is why we pride ourselves on supplying only highly skilled individuals. Boasting an impressive candidate database of engineers who have trained through the armed forces as well as apprenticeship programmes.

Our company was established in February of 2018 and through copious amounts of motivation, ambition and commitment we can proudly say to this day we have helped many business’ grow their workforce. Alongside helping these companies, we have also provided a future outside of the armed forces for our service members, ensuring we guide them through the entire process of returning to Civvy Street.


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Here at ERS we pride ourselves in supplying top-tier engineers. Sourcing both individuals who have gained qualification and experience via an apprenticeship or through a service members time in the armed forces. 

Having close to a decade of personal experience within the engineering sector, we have the key foundations to know what our clients want. However, each business is different, which is why we have a passion of developing this foundation bespoke to our client’s values and criteria.

Our professionals are greater than just a number in a company, they are key to a company’s growth, success and reputation. This is why we learn to understand our client’s values and criteria, to ensure that we develop our foundation of knowledge to suit our client’s unique needs.

This is also reciprocated when trying to find the right company for our candidates, we do not want you to work for a company simply because it’s a job and you get paid. We want you to work for a company who you believe to suit your core values and who will ensure you have a successful, happy career with them.

We offer solutions in different forms of employment relationships:

  • Temp to Perm

  • Direct Placement

  • Fixed Term Contracts

  • Retained search

And find these candidates via:

  • Traditional Head hunting

  • Top rated Job Boards 

  • Referrals

  • Careers fairs.

Skilled EngineerS

Being experienced within the engineering sector, we already understand the businesses that we serve. Finding and securing the right people for your business in the time frame required, is more than just a skill, it’s a passion.

 Why we choose EX-FORCES

Ex-Military Personnel are highly skilled, highly motivated and have outstanding work ethic.



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They trained to be the best,

why not employ the best?